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At Sal’s Vinyl, you can find the decals that you are looking for that are produced with the finest quality that you can never found from others.
Sal’s Vinyl offers decals as one of our services that you can avail and rely on whenever you need decals for your home, vehicles, and even to your gadgets. We know that everyone is using decals for different reasons but whatever reason you may have, you can expect that we will only give you the greatest decals that everyone will definitely get envious with.

Here at Sal’s Vinyl, you can have decals with your ideas integrated. We provide customization and we will never hesitate to produce your own decals using your own creative designs. With us, you can never experience disappointments because we only give what you deserve to have and that is to have a high quality and artistically made decals that you can always be proud of.

Sal’s Vinyl Decals

At Sal’s Vinyl, you can expect that our designs of decals are associated with everyone’s personality. If you are looking for cute, minimalist, or simple decals, we guarantee that you can find them here.

Customized designs

We know that everyone carries different personalities and our decals can match all types of personalities. You don’t have to worry about the designs that you want because we can meet your demands anytime.


Our decals will definitely not fail you. We only have creative decals which will meet your expectations and will surely give you the satisfaction that you deserve to have.
If you want to have the best decals for your vehicles, Sal’s Vinyl can give it to you! We are the company that you can always trust when it comes to decals and we guarantee that only the best ones are delivered which will you happy and pleased.

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