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Sal’s Vinyl Grafx answers all your queries about our services. You can look through the following Frequently Asked Questions to find similar questions as yours, you are also free to send us your questions and we will make sure that we answer them accurately to keep your well-informed. Thank you for trusting Sal’s Vinyl Grafx!

  • Can you make a sign from a digital photograph?
    Yes! We can definitely make a sign for you from a digital photograph. The better quality that that photograph has, the better that the digital image will be.
  • Do I need a permit for my sign?
    You may or may not need a permit for your sign. We will do the work to determine what you exactly need and help you in attaining a permit prior to the installation of the sign.
  • Can my sign be delivered?
    We do make arrangements. If you are placing an order, you can let us know, because we are pricing orders based on your preferred way of picking up your sign.
  • How much does vehicle wraps cost?
    Every vehicle and every application is not the same, so the pricing really depends on the coverage of your vehicle wrap project.
  • Does a vehicle wrap damage your paint?
    No, it does not. However, improper removal or installation can! A bad installation means that the paint of the vehicle might be damaged by the razor blade and leave scratches. Also, poor adhesion can lead to wrap failure.
  • What is the largest sign I could order from Sal’s Vinyl Grafx?
    We accept orders and projects of any sizes. Rest assured that whatever the size of your sign is, we can handle and deliver it the way you want it. But before you choose the size of your sign, you can give us a call first at 956-787-4949, so we can give you the best advice on what size will best suit your project.

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