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Enlarge your digital print to any size you want for custom printed advertising on both posters and banners. Turn graphics and photos into decals and have them give you a seamless way of advertising. Design vinyl lettering and preview limitless choices of fonts for window and wall decals and graphics.

Vehicle lettering and graphics act as a mobile billboard in order to promote companies wherever on the road. Both graphics and lettering whether created for a box truck, van, or car is more effective and affordable than the traditional outdoor types of advertising. At, Sal’s Vinyl Grafx, we design, print, and most of all apply vehicle graphics as well as lettering.
Vans and box trucks are among the most ideal vehicles to design, print, and apply to the flat surfaces of the vehicles. Treating these kinds of vehicles in this way will definitely keep it bold enough to read while keeping it cost effective through the use of less square footage.

We are among the top design and print companies

What makes us trusted and recommended by most is that we pay careful attention to every project we do. So, whether you are in the market for a bold statement on the box of a truck or for a full wrap on a car, we are the best company you can consider for your next graphic project. We will make sure that your vehicle will look even more attractive, thus catching the attention of many.
Is your brand tiring, does it definitely need some new energy, does your marketing materials lack a ‘wow factor’? In terms of marrying graphic design and creativity, we have a skilled and committed staff that has what it takes to help you from concept to completion. Regardless of the medium, scope, or size, you can guarantee that we can deliver everything. We launched our business in design and printing and still deliver highly satisfying results for companies small and large who recognize the great value of intelligent distribution and creative design.
This is now the right time to upgrade your vehicle to the next level! Let our services help your vehicle become the best tool to promote your company every time you are on the road. Call us now at 956-787-4949 to know more about what we can offer.

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Custom vinyl for promotional and advertising graphics, stickers, and vinyl decals, Sal’s Vinyl Grafx always has something to offer. We are your one stop shop if you need high quality custom vinyl decals for walls, vehicles, doors, and windows. We also offer custom vinyl banner graphics, stickers, decals, logos, and lettering.

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